About Us

about The Dribbling Game is the product of a partnership between two Sunderland supporting football fans whose love of the beautiful game and a devotion to the history of Association Football resulted in this project.

The main thrust of the project is to make available to fellow football fans colourised images of some of the best football still shots around, mainly pre 1950's, although as we can see on this page other decades are also catered for.

We take press photographs and postcards from our collection and private collections, from bygone days, and have them colourised by the United Kingdom's top two football colourisers. The result is that football history comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colour, giving football fans not only the chance to buy these superb high quality football art prints but give them a view of what it would have been like at that game.

We aim to make as many of the images on this site available for purchase into a unique collection, from a unique website and if the image is presented to purchase in black and white please do so, but remember that it is likely in production to be colourised.

So welcome to pre and post war football as you have never seen it before.


World Soccer January 1967

World Soccer Magazine has been the authority on football since its first issue in October 1960. We would therefore be remiss if on a site dedicated to the history of football we did not look back on some past issues and the current events of the time. We look first of all at January 1967.


Shock For Portugal


England Unchanged


League re-organisation is essential


That magic from the challenge cup